Smart socket (new)



Designed to control a device connected to the socket remotely via mobile application and / or automatically by the chosen work scenario.


  • power relay 250 V, 16 A;
  • pass-through socket for connecting controlled devices;
  • registration in the Security Hub controller by installing to the socket according to the instructions of the setup wizard integrated into the mobile application;
  • battery power supply with voltage 220 V;
  • radio network control/


It works as a part of the GSM alarm system Security Hub for the protection of an apartment (house) and serves for remote control of an executive device. For example, turn on the heater in the summer house in advance so that at the time of arrival the room was at a comfortable temperature.

Operating principle

On the user's command or by the scenario scheduled in advance through a mobile application, the socket receives a command over the radio channel from the Security Hub controller and turns the built-in power relay on or off (depending on the command). Relay status is displayed in the user's mobile application.

Installation and setup

  • Installation to the socket 220 V;
  • the plug of the power cable or control of the actuator is installed in the through-outlet.
power voltage from 100 to 240 V
useful current, no more 75 mA
Radio channel characteristic:  
wireless range in open area, not less 100 m
operating frequency:  
- letter 1 433,42 MHz
- letter 3 434,42 MHz
Relay parameters:  
 - full-load voltage, AC, not more 250 V
- full-load amperage, AC, not more 16 A
overall dimensions 140×67×80 mm
Operating conditions:  
- temperature from -30 to +55 °С
- relative humidity (noncondensing) up to 98% at +25 °С
- ingress protection rating IP20