Security Hub GSM Alarm System

Wireless alarm system with video surveillance for safeguarding your home or office

System Components

  • Security Hub Controller
  • Wi-Fi Camera
  • Mobile App
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Leakage Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
Security Hub ControllerIt maintains security, fire, warning, emergency, and other alarm types. A wide range of wireless sensors of different types and functions is supported. The controller ensures timely notification of alarms.
Wi-Fi CameraIt is used to record and play videos and supports video confirmation upon alarm event from system sensors.
Mobile AppYou can manage and control your Security Hub from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It ensures timely notification of fire, burglary, flooding, etc.
Smoke SensorThis sensor detects smoke in the room.
Temperature SensorThis wireless sensor measures temperature in the room and ensures user notification of any changes.
Leakage SensorThis wireless sensor detect water leakages and triggers user notifications.
Motion SensorThis wireless sensor detects motion in the room coming from a man while ignoring any pets.

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Connect in Three Steps

  1. 1Register
    in our mobile or Web application.
  2. 2Connect your controller
    and sensors following the instructions.
  3. 3Arrange the devices
    as required.

System Features

Security Hub takes over the responsibility for safeguarding your home.
You can be sure that your place is safe.

Easy installation and user friendly management

Wireless connection of sensors

Two communication channels to the controller

On-the-fly sensor readings

Two power types + backup battery

Sensor battery lifetime up to 5 years

Protection from failures and intrusions

Professional guarding