Touch keyboard



Designed for the control (arming/disarming) of a country house, apartment or office.


  • managing an object by entering a PIN code
  • touch keyboard
  • character highlighting and sound when typing codes from the keyboard
  • Touch Memory Key Reader Emulator (TM) - converting the entered digital value (up to 8 digits) to the TM code
  • TM code transmission to the Security Hub controller via a wired communication line
  • powered by external 12 V power supply
  • voltage supply and communication lines Touch Memory control.


Works as part of the GSM Security Hub alarm system and is used for arming and disarming of country house, apartment or office by entering a PIN code.

Operating principle

The keyboard is an emulator of a Touch Memory key reader. The keyboard converts the entered digital value (up to 8 digits) into a Touch Memory code and issues it to the KEY terminal for transmission via a wired communication line to the Security Hub controller.

Installation and setup

  • mount on the wall at the user's eye level
  • fastening with wall plugs (self-tapping screws)
  • the wires of an external 12 V power supply and control of the Security Hub controller are connected to the keyboard terminals.
Parameter Value
Power supply voltage from 6 to 18 V
Maximum current consumption 0,2 А
Length of communication line Touch Memory *, no more 15 m
Overall dimensions 108×81×15 mm
Operating conditions:  
Temperature from +5 to +45°С
Relative humidity (noncondensing) up to 95% at +40 °С
Ingress protection level IP31

* With the number of parallel connected keyboards, no more than 4.
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