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System advantages

Easy to install

All sensors are wireless, you can easily install them yourself.

Guaranteed security

Backup power, backup communication channel.

Mobile app

Sensor readings in real time

Why Security Hub?

Security is simple!

Our system is easy to configure! Just follow the video tutorial.

No wiring! All sensors are wireless and can be installed in any accessible place.

Professional security system available to anyone.

The system is developed by TEKO, a leader on the Russian market of security and fire alarm systems.

All products are certified by accredited laboratories and conform to main GOST standards for areas of application, safety, and electromagnetic compatibility.

You always know your home is safe.

Our mobile application lets you monitor your home.

No matter where you are. You can be anywhere in the world.

Security Hub kit is a perfect present.

Security Hub GSM alarm system is a unique present for any occasion, be it birthday or house warming.

This present will serve daily for years.

Make a present for yourself or your dearest ones!

Kit Contents


Receives signals from wireless sensors and triggers notifications in the mobile application.

Motion Sensor

Detects motion in the room coming from a man (by changed infrared emissions) while «ignoring» any pets up to 20 kg.

Door Sensor

Is triggered by opening doors, windows, or safety deposit boxes, and considerably improves safety when installed on windows.

Mobile App

Security Hub kit is delivered with an account in the security management system.

Download Mobile App

Download the latest version of our mobile app and manage Security Hub system from your smartphone.

Security Hub Cloud

You can configure and manage Security Hub system from any device connected to Internet using your browser.

«Security Hub» Server Login


You can enhance your system at any time with additional sensors and cameras.

Security alarm sensors

Emergency sensors



Smart home components

Warning alarm keyfobs

Smart Home System

Security Hub kit is the first step to creating a Smart Home that can be controlled from any place with Internet access.

Documentation & Certification

Technical specifications

Security Hub kit (technical specifications)

Quick start

Quick start guide (Android)