Wireless keypad (new)



Designed for control of the system (arming / disarming) of a country house, apartment or office, also for triggering panic alarm


  • arming/disarming by PIN-code, also by buttons for quick arming of the entire object or part of the object (for example, the perimeter)
  • transmitting panic alarm by long press of # >
  • registration in the system by installing batteries according to the instructions of the configuration wizard in the mobile application
  • 2 frequency letters selected during tuning
  • batteries size AA 1.5 V (2 pcs.included in the package)
  • battery life up to 1 year
  • power from an external 12 V or 5 V via a micro-USB connector
  • supply voltage control


<p>Works as part of the Security Hub alarm system for remote arming and disarming the apartment, house, office.</p>

<p>You can send panic alarm to the security structure and / or relatives in a mobile application in case of an attack in an apartment, house or nearby.</p>

<h3>Installation and setup </h3>
    <li>mounted on the wall at the user's eye level</li>
    <li>fastening on mounting dowels (self-tapping screws)</li>
    <li>wireless when powered by batteries</li>
    <li>to connect an external 12 V power supply (if necessary), a connector is provided on the board, and the contacts and socket are included in the delivery set (squeeze the power wires with contacts, insert the contacts into the socket)</li>


Power supply voltage:  
- from battery from 2,6 to 3,0 V
- from external DС power supply from 5 to 12 V
- from USB 5 V
consumption current from battery, no more than:
- in «sleep» mode
- in transmitting mode

0,006 mA
70 mA
Consumption current from external DC power supply and from USB, no more than:
- in «sleep» mode
- in transmitting mode

20 mА
70 mА
Radio parameters:  
- wireless coverage range, no less than 100 m
- Operation frequency:
  - letter 1
  - letter 3

433,42 МHz
434,42 МHz

Battery lifetime up to 1 year
Battery failure indication voltage 2,5 V
Deactivation voltage 2,2 V
Dimensions 108х113х21mm
Terms of use:  
- temperature from -10 to +50°С
- relative humidity without condensation up to 93% at +40°С
- housing IP protection IP20
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