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Security Hub kit with Wi-Fi camera is the first step of the user to the Smart Home system, which is controlled from anywhere through the Internet. After the subscriber controller is connected to the cloud server, the mobile application is installed and wireless sensors from the kit are connected, the user gets the simplest security system, which can later be expanded with wireless sensors for water leakage, smoke, temperature, etc.

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  • The kit consists of the Security Hub subscriber controller with rechargeable battery (included), network adapter, USB cable, wireless motion sensor and wireless door sensor with batteries (included) and Wi-Fi camera Ivideon. The kit functionality is expanded with wireless sensors for glass breakage, water leakage, smoke, etc.;
  • The controller is configured and maintained using the mobile or web application and the step-by-step user instruction built into the app. The smartphone application is installed from the app store;
  • SH provides data exchange with the mobile and web applications through the public server:
    • over a wired channel, via RJ45 connector (Ethernet 10BASE-T) and the provider's network,
    • over a wireless channel, via SIM-card (GPRS/EDGE) of the cell provider;
  • SH communicates with sensors in the frequency range (434.42 ± 0.2%) MHz and supports up to 32 wireless sensors;
  • video camera allows users to view online broadcast and video confirmation of alarm messages;
  • SH provides:
    • work with the server via TCP channel,
    • registration (adding) of wireless sensors,
    • wireless sensors status processing,
    • displaying wireless sensors statuses on the built-in LED indicator and client application.


How to find out that “unwelcome guests” are trying to penetrate into your property?

To date, the installation of an alarm system is a priority solution for protection of an apartment, house or a cottage. Leaving the apartment, you turn on the security system using mobile application or control panel, coming home - you turn it off.

Security Hub alarm kit includes:

1. Security Hub сontroller
receives signals from wireless sensors connected to it and sends notifications to the mobile application.
2. Motion sensor
identifies movements of a person, registering the change of infrared radiation in the facility; non-sensitive to pets of up to 20 kg.
3. Door sensor
is triggered when a safe, cupboard, door or window is opened. Installation on the windows in a private house will significantly increase security in general.
4. Wi-Fi camera Ivideon
records video on the alarm event from a sensor for video confirmation of the alarm event.

Up to 30 sensors of various types can be connected to the controller:

  • water leakage,
  • glass break,
  • smoke,
  • as well as remote controls and alarm buttons.
Security Hub subscriber controller:  
supply voltage from an external power source 12 V
- maximum current consumption, not more 300 mA
- rated current consumption, not more 150 mA
power supply via USB adapter 5 ± 5%
- maximum current consumption, not more 500 mA
- rated current consumption, not more 200 mA
battery power from 3.3 to 4.2 V
battery life from 4 to 8 h
battery discharge information transmission threshold 3,5 V
charge time of a fully discharged battery, not more 10 h
technical readiness time, not more 60 s
overall dimensions 136x86x38 mm
weight without battery 0,14 kg
Motion sensor Astra-5121:  
volumetric detection area  
non-sensitive to pets of up to 20 kg
detection range 10 m
lowest detection range 2 m
overall dimensions 70x51x42 mm
Door/window opening sensor Astra-3321:  
activation distance from 20 to 30 mm
recovery distance from 13 to 23 mm
supply voltage from 2.8 to 3.6 V
overall dimensions 109x34x27 mm
Wi-Fi camera Ivideon:  
resolution 1.3Mp, 1280x960
viewing angle 125°
power via micro USB 5 V
overall dimensions 76x65x107 mm
Operating conditions:  
operation temperature for SH from -10 to +50 °С
operation temperature for Astra-5121 from -10 to +50 °С
operation temperature for Astra-3321 from -20 to +50 °С
operation temperature for Wi-Fi camera  from -10 to +50 °С
relative air humidity (non-condensing) up to 98% at +40 °С
Radio channel:  
operating frequency 434,42 MHz (letter "3")
wireless coverage range (line-of-site), not less than* 100 m

* Wireless coverage range  significantly depends on the design features of the facility, jamming environment. Maximum wireless coverage range is provided when the best conditions for the installation of SH and the sensor are met.

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