Glass break sensor



Sensor is designed to detect penetration into the protected area through the door and window openings generating an alarm signal in case of glass breakage.


  • supports all glass types;
  • ability to connect external wired sensors, the wire length shall be not more than 1,5 m;
  • registration in the Security Hub controller after installing the battery using Setup Wizard in the mobile application;
  • battery size CR123 included;
  • battery life 2.5-5* years;
  • Battery discharge control;
  • 2 operating frequencies;
  • tamper control.

* The increased noise environment in the detection zone reduces battery life by 50% (the more noise, the more often sensor “wakes up” for information processing).


Sensor works as part of the Security Hub alarm system.

Operating principle:

Sensor continuously monitors the volume of the secured space. Sensor triggers only when sound waves appear, the frequency of which is similar to the sound of breaking glass. When glass is broken, an alarm message is generated, which is sent to the Security Hub controller. The alarm message is displayed in the user's mobile application.

Installation and setup

  • without wires;
  • fastening with wall plugs (self-tapping screws) or double adhesive tape
  • installed on the ceiling in front of the windows, in the window opening.
Parameter Value
Detection range 6 m
Recommended installation height, not less 2 m
Power supply voltage 2,8-3,6 V
Transmitter power, not more 10 mW
Overall dimensions 104x62x31 mm
Operation frequency  
- letter 1 433,42 MHz
- letter 3 434,42 MHz
Consumption current  
- with transmitter off 0,13 mA
- with transmitter on 25 mA
Operation conditions  
Temperature from -20 to +50 °С
Relative humidity (noncondensing) up to 98% at +40 °С
Ingress protection level IP30