Ceiling motion sensor with the window breaking control



Intended for detection of unauthorized access into protected area by continuous monitoring of thermal environment (whether a homan movement is there or not) change and window / door glass breaking. Alarm signal is generated when a person appears or glass breaks.


  • volumetric circular detection zone;
  • all glass types protection;
  • maximum installation height - 3,6 m;
  • Registration in the Security Hub controller after installing the battery using Setup Wizard in the mobile application;
  • battery size AA, 3.6V included;
  • battery life up to 3 years;
  • Battery discharge control;
  • work in one of the 2 frequency letters;
  • tamper control.


Works as part of Security Hub alarm system. Serves for protection of an apartment (house) against violator’s intrusion and windows/doors glass break. Two sensors on-board: motion sensor and glass-break sensor.

Combining the security functions of two sensors, this device is the universal protection of your home!

Operating principle

Sensor operating principle is based on the perception of changes in the infrared radiation level of the thermal environment, the sources of which are a human or an animal body, as well as all sorts of objects in the field of the detector's view.

Glass break detection principle is based on monitoring of acoustic environment. It triggers only when sound waves appear, the frequency of which is similar to the sound of breaking glass.

When a person appears in the controlled area or a glass breaks, an alarm message is generated and dispatched to the Security Hub controller. The alarm message is displayed in the user's mobile application.

Installation and setup

  • without wires;
  • fastening on wall plugs (self-tapping screws) or double adhesive tape;
  • on-ceiling installation in front of a window.
IR channel parameters:  
detection angle: 360°
detection diameter:  
- with installation height of 2,4 m 6 m
- with installation height of 3,6 m 9 m
recommended installation height 2,4-3,6 m
AC channel parameters:  
detection angle 120° 6 m
acoustic frequency:  
- first (high) 5900-6100 Hz
- second (low) 140-160 Hz
Radio channel characteristic:  
wireless coverage range in an open area, not less 100 m
operation frequency:  
- letter 1 433,42 MHz
- letter 3 434,42 MHz
transmitter power, not more 10 mW
modulation type frequency-shift keying
Current consumption:  
- with transmitter off 0,13 mA
- with transmitter on 25 mA
Power supply voltage from 2.8 to 3.6 V
Battery replacement indication start threshold 2,6 V
Overall dimensions diameter 108, height 31
Operation conditions  
Temperature from -20 to +50 °С
Relative humidity (noncondensing) up to 98% at +25 °С
Ingress protection level IP30