Water leakage sensor



Designed for detection of water leakage inside the protected area and sending alarm message to the controller.


  • sensitive to water of any chemical composition other than distilled water;
  • registration in the Security Hub controller after installing the battery using Setup Wizard in the mobile application;;
  • battery size CR2450 included;
  • battery life up to 3 years;
  • battery discharge control;
  • 2 operating frequencies;
  • waterproof casing.


Sensor works as part of the Security Hub alarm system via radio.

Sensor will help you to avoid serious consequences in the apartment (house) in case of tap water leakage, washing machine leakage, toilet tank leakage, as well as the heating or sewage boiler leakage.

Operating principle

Sensor operating principle is based on short circuiting the sensing contact with water. When sensor contacts are short circuit with water, an alarm message is generated which is dispatched to the Security Hub controller via radio. Alarm message is displayed in the user's mobile application.

Installation and setup

  • without wires;
  • can be mounted in any place;
  • can be mounted with wall plugs (self-tapping screws), double adhesive tape or placed without mounting.
Parameter Value
Operation frequency:  
- letter 1 433,42 MHz
- letter 3 434,42 MHz
Overall dimensions 65x47x23 mm
Operation conditions  
Temperature from +5 to +50 °С
Relative humidity (noncondensing) up to 93% at +40 °С
Ingress protection rating IP64