Wireless heat detector (new)



Designed to detect a fire at the guarding object by increasing the temperature and transmitting the “Fire” signal to the controller.


  • registration in the Security Hub controller after installing the battery using Setup Wizard in the mobile application
  • two batteries (primary and backup), frame sizes CR123, 3V are included
  • battery life up to 5 years
  • battery discharge control
  • testing the sensor with a laser remote control Astra-942 (purchased separately)
  • sensor tamper detection
  • removable protective cover included


Works as part of the GSM Security Hub alarm system for continuous monitoring of the onset of an apartment (house) fire. It allows to quickly respond to increasing of the temperature and eliminate its cause.

Operating principle

The sensor constantly monitors the volume of the security zone. The principle of operation of the sensor is based on registration of the ambient temperature and the rate of its increase by a thermistor. At an ambient temperature in the range from 54 to 65 ° C or a temperature rise rate of 5 ° C / min and higher, the sensor generates an alarm message that is sent to the Security Hub controller. A fire message is displayed in the user's mobile application.

Installation and setup

  • without wires
  • fastening on wall plugs (self-tapping screws)
  • mounting on the wall
Detection time at rate of temperature increase:
5 °С/min from 120 to 500 sec.
10 °С/min from 60 to 242 sec.
20 °С/min from 30 to 130 sec.
30 °С/min from 20 to 100 sec.
Temperature of detection from 54 to 65 °С
Recovery time in standby mode, no more 10 sec.
Radio parameters:  
- wireless coverage range, no less than 100 m
- Operation frequency:
  - letter 1
  - letter 3

433,42 МHz
434,42 МHz
Other parameters
Power supply voltage from 2,1 to 3,0 V
Battery failure indication voltage 2,2 V
Battery life time up to 5 years
Dimensions diameter 106×60 mm
Terms of use  
Temperature from -30 to +70°С
Relative humidity without condensation up to 93% at +40°С
Housing IP protection IP40
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