IP-camera Ivideon



Designed for recording and watching video with the video confirmation function upon alarm event from system sensors


  • For indoor useж
  • Resolution 1.3 MP, 1280x960
  • 125° view angle
  • Motion detector
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Data encryption during transmission
  • Infrared lighting - work in the dark and in low light.
  • The camera can be connected via Wi-Fi to any router.
  • The ability to record video on microSD memory cards
  • Audio recording via integrated microphone
  • Ability to send voice messages to the camera


  • 3 years warranty and free technical support;
  • Ivideon cloud service support;
  • Watching video through web interface, Security Hub and Ivideon mobile apps for iOS/Android;
  • video recording of the alarm when the sensor is triggered;
  • secure encryption of transmitted data.


You can connect only one camera of a given model when using free Online Ivideon rate plan. To add more cameras in your Ivideon account, please select a paid rate plan.
Minimum required outgoing Internet connection speed: 1 Mbit/s
Infrared lighting range up to 10 m
Other features Push-to-talk function
Compression format H.264/MJPEG
Resolution 1.3MP/720P/VGA/QVGA
Frame rate:  
- Primary video stream 1.3MP/720P (1~30fps)
- Secondary video stream VGA/QVGA (1~30fps)
- Bitrate H.264: 32 Kbps ~ 8192 Kbps
Network interface Wi-Fi only
Supported memory cards MicroSD up to 128 GB
Power consumption no more than 4,5 W
Operating conditions:  
Temperature range from -10 to +50 °С
Humidity no more than 95%