Panic button for personal protection



Panic button is designed for manual activation of an alarm in case of an attack and transmission of a signal over the air to the Security Hub controller


  • Panic button is used as a stationary or mobile alarm button;
  • Registration in the Security Hub controller after installing the battery using Setup Wizard in the mobile application;
  • CR2430 batteries (2 pcs.) included;
  • battery life up to 4 years;
  • Battery discharge control;
  • 2 operation frequencies;
  • clip for attaching to clothes included.


Panic button works as part of the Security Hub alarm system and sends an alarm signal to the security body in case of attack in protected apartment, house or nearby.

Installation and setup

  • without wires;
  • when used as a stationary alarm button, it is fastened on wall plugs (self-tapping screws) or double adhesive tape;
  • mounted in a hidden place accessible for quick and imperceptible use;
  • when used as a mobile alarm button, it is fastened to clothes with a clip or on a lace for carrying on a neck.
Operation frequency  
- letter 1 433,42 MHz
- letter 3 434,42 MHz
Current consumption  
- with transmitter off 0,008 mA
- with transmitter on 20 mA
Wireless coverage range 1000 m
Transmitter power, not more 10 mW
Power supply voltage 2,3-3,0 V
Overall dimensions 86x40x20 mm
Mass, not more 0,06 kg
Operation conditions  
Temperature from -10 to +50 °С
Relative humidity (noncondensing) up to 98% at +40 °С
Ingress protection level IP41