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You can expand your start kit or the kit with Wi-Fi camera at any time by connecting additional sensors to it.

IP-camera Ivideon

Wi-Fi camera for recording and watching video. Confirming alarm events with video.

GSM Alarm controller

GSM alarm controller receives information from wireless sensors connected to it (up to 30 pcs.)

Door sensor

Detection of unauthorized access into the protected facility through doors and windows

Motion sensor

Detection intruder movement in protected facility, ignoring movement of pets weighing up to 20 kg.

Ceiling motion sensor

Detection of intruder movement in protected facility. On- ceiling installation

Ceiling motion sensor with the window breaking control

Detection of intruder movement in protected facility and glass breakages in window / door openings

Glass break sensor

Detection of glass breakages in window / door openings.

Motion sensor

Detection of intruder movement in protected facility.

“Curtain”-type motion sensor

Detection of intruder's passage through a door or window opening.

Smoke detector

Detects a fire hazard in a guarded room at the first sign of fire (smoldering materials, smoke)

Fire button (new)

Enables a fire alarm in case of fire detection

Датчик пожарный тепловой (новинка)

Обнаруживает пожарную опасность в охраняемом помещении по повышению температуры и скорости ее нарастания

Water leakage sensor

Detection of accidental water leakage at the place of its installation

Temperature sensor

Measurement of room temperature at the place of its installation

Remote control keyfob with panic button function

Remote control of the alarm system and report an alarm situation to the security body.

Panic button for personal protection

Allows sending alarm signal to security body in case of attack.

Беспроводный пульт управления (новинка)

Позволяет управлять системой сигнализации и сообщать о тревожной ситуации в охранную структуру

Touch keyboard

Allows to control the alarm system

Wireless siren

Light and sound alerting about unauthorized access at the protected facility

Wireless relay unit (new)

External devices control by user command

Smart socket (new)

Controls devices connected to the socket

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